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The Power of One
At BodySense PT, your rehab is about the relationship between you and your physical therapist exclusively. Your care is not delegated to an assistant, and you don't compete with other patients for your therapist's attention. Focused care is better care.

The 21st Century
Healthcare has struggled to balance technology with customer service in many areas. At BodySense PT we try to use innovation to improve documentation, streamline billing, and reduce the amount of red-tape involved in your care. We are implementing digital appointment reminders this year and invite patients to use e-mail communication if convenient. But we also know where to draw the line -- like never having to press "0" to speak to an operator, or call a separate agency about your bill. As complex as healthcare can be, we try to keep it simple.

Clinically, we follow the same philosophy. Physical therapy has evolved beyond the days of passive hot packs and repetitive exercise. Everything has its place, but we believe in taking your care to a higher level. We enjoy using technology to help our patients --whether via video games that enable people really "see" their movements, or using specialized tape to improve position awareness and reduce muscle spasm. We are constantly attending continuing education courses to advance our skills and integrate the most evidence-based approaches available.

Nintendo's Wii system provides sophisticated feedback about body position and movement. In therapy, the WiiFit balance board provides real-time feedback about weight distribution and helps patients learn to self-correct imbalances.
Kinesiotape has garnered a lot of buzz with its visibility in the Bejieng and London Olympics. The techniques have been around for years, however, and are commonly used with patients to support tissue, decrease swelling, and improve muscle function.

What exactly is Physical Therapy?
Physical therapy is partnership between you and a licesnsed therapist with advanced training in musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. With PT, you can recover from a wide range of problems, including degenerative diseases (discs, joints, tendons, etc.) surgical conditions (rotator cuff repairs, total joints, fusions), and acute injuries (whiplash, pulled backs, sprains, strains). Therapists use a combination of manual techniques, corrective exercises and functional education to help put you back together.

But physical therapy is about more than fixing broken parts. Many people are surprised to learn that we can treat vertigo, improve balance,maximize sport performance. Patients are impressed when we teach them how to breathe for better muscle control and prevent injuries with everyday activities. In short--rehab at BodySense PT is about more than just the immediate problem; its about the big picture and finding a better way to wellness.

About our Clinic
BodySense PT is a private, PT-owned practice in downtown Boonsboro. We are located next to the firehouse, and above South Mountain Family Practice and the office Tracey Elizalde, CRNP. Our clinic is accessible by both stairs and elevator. We have over 1500-ft of space in our main area, which includes both curtained treatment beds and a spacious gym. We also have a small, private treatment room for use as needed.

Contact information

BodySense PT
9 Saint Paul Street / 3rd Floor
Boonsboro, MD 21713

301-432-8585 phone
301-432-1987 fax

Appointment hours

Appointments are typically 1-hour in length.  We presently have two full-time PTs with both morning and evening availability.  Our current appointment schedule is as follows:

Mon / Wed          7:00 am -  3:30 pm
Tue / Thu          11:30 am -  6:00 pm
Fri                      7:00 am - 11:00 am

Phones are typically attended from 7:30 am - 3:30 pm (M/W/F) and 9:30 am - 6:30 pm (T/TH).   Exact hours do vary, however -- if you cannot reach us in person, you are always welcome to leave a message or send an email.

New Patient Information

Parking Entry
You are welcome to park in back of the building (adjacent to fire-station lot), or along St. Paul Street. Our entry stairwell and elevator is beneath the carport. If you need the elevator, instructions are posted when you arrive -- please read them!

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment for registration. Please remember to bring your insurance card(s), a photo ID, comfortable/loose clothing and appropriate shoes. If you have medication or other lists, we can copy them for you.

You are welcome to download and complete the following forms prior to your visit. If not, we will have them available for you when you arrive.

Consent     Health History     Clinic Policies

Insurance Referrals

Regarding insurance
We do accept and bill insurance for you--please call to inquire about specific plans. We also accept patients without insurance (on a fee-for-service basis).

Regarding prescriptions
The state of Maryland is one of 44 states that allow "direct access" to physical therapy--meaning that you do not need a doctor's order to seek PT. You may be required to get a prescription, however, if your insurance or diagnosis warrants it. We always review individual circumstances with you before the evaluation.

About the Owner

Shannon Murphy, PT, MPT opened BodySense PT as its sole owner in June 2008. She holds a Masters degree in Physical Therapy (MPT) and has been working in outpatient rehabilitation for over ten years. Her educational background includes local accolades from Sherwood High School in Sandy Spring, MD; multiple academic honors from Davidson College in Charlotte, NC; international exposure to PT & sports medicine during a semester at the University of Queensland in Australia; and placement in the top 10% of her graduating PT class from the University of MD, Baltimore. She is also a proud graduate of Leadership Washington County (Class XXII) and a monthly columnist for the Picket News.

Her professional experience has focused on outpatient orthopedics neurology, including six years in administrative and support roles before life as a PT. She worked in acute-care rehab for a year with Frederick Memorial before transitioning into an outpatient role with the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Germantown, MD.

During her tenure with NRH, Shannon developed specialty programs in aquatic and vestibular rehab, while refining manual skills in the treatment of complex spine and joint disorders. She continues to train extensively in manual medicine and biomechanics through post-professional education. In 2010, she completed a rigorous course series and certification in myofascial trigger pont (MTrP) dry needling with Myopain Seminars in Bethesda, MD. This training has added a new dimension to her treatment of many conditions, including chronic pain disorders and athletic injuries. She has also completed training with the Postural Restoration Institute, which in conjunction with a strong bias toward yoga pilates-based exercise, equipts her with a nuanced approach to exercise and movement patterns. Shannon continues to employ techniques from many disciplines, however, for a creative and holistic approach to treatment.


Jason McElroy, PT, DPT joined our team fulltime in July 2011. As a Baltimore native, he also graduated from the University of MD, Baltimore with his Masters in Physical Therapy in 1999. Upon moving to Washington County, Jason's professional experience developed in treating patients with complex illnesses at Western Maryland Hospital Center, with developmental disabilities at Potomac Center, and with acute rehab needs at Washington County Hospital. In 2004, he pursued a new direction in outpatient care with Robinwood Orthopaedics, where he spent 7 years working with local orthopedic physicians to treat patients for a wide range of surgical and non-surgical conditions. His interest in manual therapy and one-to-one patient care brought Jason to BodySense PT on a part-time basis in 2010, where he has been working with Shannon to expand his therapeutic approach. In May 2012, Jason also completed two years of additional study to earn his Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Montana. Future professional interests include training in lymphedema/swelling management and counterstrain techniques for myofacial, arterial, visceral dysfunction.


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