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The Power of One
At BodySense PT, rehab is about the relationship between you and your practitioner.  Your care is not delegated, and you don’t compete with other patients for your therapist’s attention.  We strongly believe that focused care is better care.

Technology and Humanity
As healthcare  becomes more electronic, the personal part of healthcare can get lost in translation.  Although we use EMR (electronic medical records) to improve documentation, streamline billing, and reduce the amount of red-tape involved in your care, we also know where to draw the line – we answer our phones directly (no menu options!), handle billing ourself (no passing off to a 3rd party), always listen first, and believe that eye contact is important.  As complex as healthcare can be, we try to keep it simple.

Clinically, we follow the same philosophy.  Physical therapy has evolved beyond the days of passive hot packs and repetitive exercise. Everything has its place, but we believe in taking your care to a higher level. We enjoy using technology to help our patients –whether via video games & interactive platforms that enable people really “see” their movements, or using specialized tape to improve position awareness and reduce muscle spasm. We are constantly attending continuing education courses to advance our skills and integrate the most evidence-based approaches available.

Nintendo’s Wii system provides sophisticated feedback about body position and movement. In therapy, the WiiFit balance board provides real-time feedback about weight distribution and helps patients learn to self-correct imbalances.
Kinesiotape has garnered a lot of buzz with its visibility in the Bejieng and London Olympics. The techniques have been around for years, however, and are commonly used with patients to support tissue, decrease swelling, and improve muscle function.