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About the Clinic

These are a few of our ‘Favorite Things’ !

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  • We specialize in personalized treatment. If you’re like a lot of people, well, you’re not like a lot of people!     We design sessions from scratch that fit YOU.
  • Got more than “one issue”?  No problem. Let us connect the dots and help you become whole again.
  • We participate with all major insurances, accept patients without physician referral, and schedule one patient at a time.
  • We are especially convenient for residents of southern Washington County, MD – much closer than Hagerstown and Frederick.
  • We believe that compassion, energy, humor, and empowerment are essential to wellness. Therapy shouldn’t be torture!
  • We take customer service seriously. To us, that means not only providing excellent clinical care, but also an administrative staff that is fun, friendly, and receptive to your needs.

What to Expect

Undivided Attention

At BodySense PT, rehab is about the relationship between you and your therapist. We don’t delegate your treatment or make you compete with other patients for attention. We believe that focused care helps you get the most out of your appointment.

Technology with a Human Touch

As healthcare becomes more electronic, the personal experience can get lost in translation. Although we use EMR (electronic medical records) to improve documentation, streamline billing, and reduce red-tape, we also know that listening comes first and that eye contact is essential. We also answer our phones without menus, handle our billing in-house, and believe that basic patient respect can’t be automated.

Clinically, we use technology to augment treatment.  Our exercise software allows us to provide quality instructions for home reference – and can be accessed by text/SMS or email if desired. Our Biodex SD machine provides real-time feedback on balance (known as dynamic posturography) and can offer useful comparative info during your care. Even your own smart phone can be a fantastic asset in capturing information about your movement patterns or videotaping activities to perform at home. We also attend a wide range of continuing education courses to advance our skills and integrate evidence-based medicine into our practice.


We have tons of natural light (with gorgeous sunsets) that keep the energy high inside.  But we also have light control in our treatment bays, as well as private rooms for those who need more controlled environments.   Feeling better starts with feeling comfortable when you walk in the door!


We are a small clinic with a big heart …. in a small town with big dreams!  Boonsboro has an amazing history with a collaborative group of business owners, civic leaders, and local citizens passionate about making it thrive.  At BodySense PT, we are honored to be an important part of this community and to have the opportunity to improve local lives. (For more on Our Town, check out