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Success Stories

I have watched the staff at BodySense PT grow from just Shannon to a whole team of caring and wonderful human beings. They are like family to me (although I wish I didn’t have to spend so much time here!)



I spent a lot of time researching facilities and came to check this place out on a recommendation. I like the setup and everyone here. Am much more confident on my feet than I was a few months ago and haven’t fallen since starting.



The energy here is always awesome! Thanks Jason for making me laugh, Kathleen for making me exercise, Shannon for keeping me accountable, and everyone else for making “pain and torture” as fun as it could be. I can finally bend my knee and do the stairs!



Dry needling completely resolved the pain in my shoulderblade. The rest of the therapy and exercises helped, too, but the needles really seemed to do the trick. I’m so glad Shannon talked me into it!



Thanks to Jason, I haven’t had a headache in over two weeks – and that’s after months of having them every day.



All the therapists are amazing! The time they spend with you is like nothing else I’ve experienced (and I’ve been to plenty of PT over the years).



My doctor wanted me to see “their PT”, so I went for a month.  After not getting any relief, I told him I was going to BodySense.  With the first week, my neck & shoulder were feeling better than they had in years.  So thankful for everyone here!



After two weeks of being scared to move, my vertigo was fixed in one visit.  Can’t thank you enough!!!